Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More Mortimor casting and News!!

Mortimor Casting & News

Hey gang, hope all is well as summer is just starting, the news for Mortimor also is heating up. We announced a few weeks ago that Christopher Dalbey would be the lead as Mortimor and Mike O'Mahony, Matt Barnes and I couldn't be happier. He's so talented and I've been in contact with him about the project and let me say this...he is going in!

We have been prepping the props, wardrobe and getting things behind the scenes ready too. Thanks to Russell and Diane Hackett (long time supporters and friends of Kim and I) we have our location and we are super happy. Its unique and fits great.

We also wanted to update you with what the rest of the cast looks like. Our thoughts going into this project are really simple...we just want to have fun. Mike, Matt and I had a lot of fun on Rabbit Hole and we look forward to doing the same this time. As I've stated before, this is kind of an experimental project for me. Normally I focus on drama with horror and this time around, its comedy with a very "Lynch-like feel" (quote from friend Jeremiah Kipp). 

We want to welcome two guys to the cast who have made impacts on my life as of late: 

Jeff Roberts - Jeff has been a professional wrestler and is known as Mr. Sozio with Combat Zone Wrestling based in New Jersey. Sozio, the typical bad guy persona will fit great in this film. His real life sarcastic wit and sharp tongue will make this role, something people will enjoy. 

Jeff has become a very good family friend and someone who I appreciate on a daily basis. Great guy and I can't wait to show his untapped ability to the Mortimor Tromblay film.

Rory Gulak - Rory is a former International professional wrestling superstar. Known as Little Mondo or Rory Mondo by hardcore wrestling fans world wide, Rory is also a legitimate, successful amateur wrestler. 

I've known Rory since he was a punk kid (haha) and he recently really made an impact in our families life. He is generous with his time and wants to help the youth. We are extremely happy to welcome Rory to the cast.

Other supporting cast members : 

Jeff Kratzer (our pal PorkChop) - a long time supporter and friend.
Russell & Diane Hackett - were in Baggage and are back again!
Jerry Janda - mind behind Painkiller & was the boss in Baggage
Danielle Roberts - great gal, can't wait!
Scott Lefferson - going to be perfect in this one

We will be working with Gus Clark again who has done special effects for us on Baggage and Rabbit Hole. Plus, we will have Markus A. Caighn back for sound design. Markus was part of Rabbit Hole and Boob Tube.

Want to pre-order? Time is still left, cut off is May 17th!! This is limited to ONLY 250 copies!!!


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