Friday, May 9, 2014

Rabbit Hole Production Blog Day 4

Rabbit Hole Production Blog Day 4

We are getting closer folks...coming up on just one more day of principal photography to finish RABBIT HOLE. I must say, this past weekend was an absolute blast. Personally, for me, this filming experience has been so much fun. I've been able to work with people whom have made my life better.

So, this past weekend was the day with most of our extras, and man, they came ready to be a part of this! Everyone looked fantastic and we all battled the heat and raised some hell. This was a crucial scene for the film and everything was perfect.

Poor Megan Cunard really had to battle through this day. She's our lead and was basically, tied and gagged and she was an absolute trooper. Everyone has stepped up and been fantastic...such a great experience, so proud and can't wait to release this one!!

Pre orders for Rabbit Hole will be going up in June with an August release. As of right now, we will have 2 additional shorts on the dvd as well as behind the scenes features. So, save your pennies and prepare!!

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