Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rabbit Hole Production Blog Day 3

Rabbit Hole Production Blog Day 3

Greetings my friends...we are here with another production blog, this week from Day 3. The way we set the filming up for this film allowed us to have somewhat light days of filming so we could take our time and really work on getting great shots without feeling pressured by running late. So far, this has worked. 

Atmosphere has been very important for this project also. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure we capture the right feelings and mood for each scene...I know I'm rambling but I have to say, this has been my favorite project to work on. Everyone works as a team, the mood on set has been great and Mike and I work really, really well together. 

We had the very talented Lexi Lebo back on set who plays Tina in the film. Lexi, for being only 10, is really a professional. She has a great attitude and is full of smiles. I would recommend her, highly and I know Mike would as well. The first part of the day, while beautiful outside, we were inside...making things grim and dark. 

After some lunch, we went to the woods....arrrrrggghhhhh!!! I know, scary. This is where the day became interesting. You know how you want that one specific shot and you trying to brainstorm on how to get it? Well, Mike was the end result...haha. Watch the video at the end of this blog and see Mike nearly DIE!!!

We closed out the night with the last bit of the film that really came out amazing. This is a part of the film, that for me, was something I've never done in any of my films..the feeling, the shock..all came out amazing. Megan continues to do fantastic...so proud of this one.

Continue to follow along and thanks for reading...now, watch Mike nearly die!!!

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