Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rabbit Hole Production Blog Day 3

Rabbit Hole Production Blog Day 3

Greetings my friends...we are here with another production blog, this week from Day 3. The way we set the filming up for this film allowed us to have somewhat light days of filming so we could take our time and really work on getting great shots without feeling pressured by running late. So far, this has worked. 

Atmosphere has been very important for this project also. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure we capture the right feelings and mood for each scene...I know I'm rambling but I have to say, this has been my favorite project to work on. Everyone works as a team, the mood on set has been great and Mike and I work really, really well together. 

We had the very talented Lexi Lebo back on set who plays Tina in the film. Lexi, for being only 10, is really a professional. She has a great attitude and is full of smiles. I would recommend her, highly and I know Mike would as well. The first part of the day, while beautiful outside, we were inside...making things grim and dark. 

After some lunch, we went to the woods....arrrrrggghhhhh!!! I know, scary. This is where the day became interesting. You know how you want that one specific shot and you trying to brainstorm on how to get it? Well, Mike was the end result...haha. Watch the video at the end of this blog and see Mike nearly DIE!!!

We closed out the night with the last bit of the film that really came out amazing. This is a part of the film, that for me, was something I've never done in any of my films..the feeling, the shock..all came out amazing. Megan continues to do fantastic...so proud of this one.

Continue to follow along and thanks for reading...now, watch Mike nearly die!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Rabbit Hole Production Blog Day 2

Rabbit Hole Production Blog Day 2

Hey gang, we are back for another day of filming of Rabbit Hole. We were scheduled to film last week but Mike fell extremely ill and we ended up canceling both Saturday and Sunday. It happens and I'm always an advocate of making sure someone is ok, because the movie can wait. 

Now back to the action....

Saturday was a small shooting schedule, we basically had two scenes to film including one special effect. Mike and I collaborated during the week about shot lists and like always, once we got started, those plans changed and we really made some amazing shots. 

Trust me, I'm not blowing smoke when I say this...we really worked out asses off at making the absolute best shots we could get with the two scenes. I'm very proud.

Mike O'Mahony

Everyone arrived at 4pm at our location and I immediately got into make up with our make up guru, Lisa Fisk. Lisa was someone I met during my short stint at the Mt Holly Prison Haunt. I asked Lisa to be a part of this project and I could not be happier with this decision. 

When you hire a make up person, it's always a exciting and nerve racking at the same time. They have ideas and we, the filmmakers have ideas but Lisa envisioned exactly what we envisioned, if not better. 

The scenes were dramatic and it was the first time I was able to be this character. I had struggled with the delivery of the performance and tone of this guy. We had a great PA (Production Assistant) on hand named Erich Ficke who has helped Mike in the past and he was really valuable in this process. We laughed a lot about it while we were filming since Mike and I are supposed to be the directors and yet I'd look to Erich "was that ok?'...haha. We now know who is calling the shots. 

Mike and Rob discussing camera movement
Special Effects are always a scary process because they can either work or not. We brought back special effects artist Gus Clark, who worked on Baggage with me, to handle the few effects we have. While we only have a few effects, they are crucial...because we only have a few. The scene went off really good and we were all happy. 

This coming weekend we have some more very important scenes to film. The weather is going to be fantastic and we have really been fortunate....keep praying to the filming gods for us. Stay tuned right here, as we will be having more information on what else will be on the dvd plus pre sales if you missed the initial opportunities.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rabbit Hole Day 1 production blog

Rabbit Hole Day 1 production blog

Well, here we are...day 1. You work so hard to prepare for the 1st day of shooting...you stress, you worry and you even panic at times. I sat down last year and wrote this story; completely different than anything else I've done before. I've said it before, I truly feel that this will be my entry into the Midnight movie craze of old. 

I sought out Mike O'Mahony because I truly believed he IS the guy for this. Mike is a great guy and is extremely knowledgable in filmmaking. I have all the faith in the world. He's well read and appreciates all art. Once we got going, we were on the same page and we haven't looked back.

Sunday April 6, 2014

Star of Rabbit Hole, Megan Cunard

The cast and crew all head to New Jersey to our first location. Our first day would be our first real test, as it would see how well Mike and I gel, plus the on screen chemistry would be really put to the test. Plus, Mike and I worked our day that would allow me to be behind the camera with him, instead of acting...that will be this coming week. 

Mike really came to get this done. I was extremely happy and really felt like this is going to be special. We shared notes and worked great together.

Megan Cunard, our star, really came prepared and LIVED the role of "Dottie". I could not have been prouder. She fits this role great. 

My wife, Kim, who you would know from No Clowning Around and Baggage has a small role in this and again, did great and was invaluable behind the scenes getting this project together.

Lexi Lebo, our child actor also was terrific. You just never know when you deal with children actors but wow, Lexi is fantastic. She also, knew all of her lines and came completely prepared...very professional.

Rob, Lexi and Mike
Our crew of Lisa Fisk (Make up and small special effects) has been practicing for weeks and knew exactly what we wanted. Her Husband, Ed is helping with some set design and props and really hit a home run. Deirdre Kinnevy is back with behind the scenes and photos and is always top notch. Plus, we welcomed Mark Cunard as our sound design specialist and Erich Ficke as our production assistant. We had a few extras on set, day one also in long time supporters Dave Sitbon, Russ and Diane Hackett who were super patient and great additions. 

Overall, Day 1 was fantastic. While a long day, it was satisfying. Again, I thank everyone who has helped make this a reality. We still have 5 days left of filming...some will be tough. Some days ahead will push some of the actors and crew to our limits but I know, as a team, we accomplish this!

This weekend we welcome new additions to our team...but as a team, we are one.