Tuesday, December 24, 2013

RABBIT HOLE gets poster art!

RABBIT HOLE gets poster art!

The new film from Rob Dimension and Mike O'Mahony titled RABBIT HOLE gets it's poster art. The guys got together and filmed some material this past weekend that will be used for the crowd funding campaign and the poster art (below) was born.

Dimension had this to say, "Rabbit Hole is a film that is full of symbolism and is all about choosing the right path. Even the poster has several signs that will have meaning once people see what we are expressing." O'Mahony added "Just from what we've already shot, this will be a hell of a ride."

The guys also noted, Crowd funding will begin Jan 17th and run through March 17th. Some early perks already being teased:

  • Exclusive DVD art work - ONLY available to those who help the campaign
  • Exclusive video blogs and Behind the scenes - for your eyes only!
  • Tons of merchandise from buttons, t-shirts and even hoodies
  • Private screening party
And these are just a small amount of what will be offered. As the date comes closer, details and how limited some of the perks will be announced.

Thank you for checking this out and have a Happy Holiday! 

"Be Saved……Soon"


Special Thank you to Brian Mitchell for his work on the poster art.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Dimension teams with O'Mahony to shoot "Rabbit Hole"

Dimension teams with O'Mahony to shoot "Rabbit Hole"

In January of 2013, Rob Dimension who wrote and starred in the award winning short NO CLOWNING AROUND and most recently, BAGGAGE wrote a holiday themed short screenplay for a movie titled "Happy Easter". After being told "It's too much!" by several possible collaborating filmmakers, Dimension pressed forward with other projects. The idea grew over the last year and transformed from a holiday themed short into a film that pushed boundaries even more and brought out the vile and disgust of inner demons. The story sat, unloved…….until now.

Fast forward to this past summer when Rob was asked by fellow local filmmaker Mike O'Mahony to be a part of his newest film, A Dark Place Inside. Mike has made plenty of waves from his films SLOPPY THE PSYCHOTIC, IBS and most recently, the yet released, A DARK PLACE INSIDE creating more and more fans of his dark visions. O'Mahony has grown as a filmmaker and put forth some tremendous work and his latest is sure to make people stand up and take notice. 

Dimension recalls being on set with O'Mahony, "I was asked to play a character that was just a horrible human being. Mike sent me the script and even said he wouldn't blame me if I turned it down. When we were filming some scenes, I looked around as people had the look of disgust while Mike was smiling…that's when I realized we needed to work together."

O'Mahony added "Dimension and I have similar work ethics. We both have these dark thoughts and don't mind putting them on film. He sent me some notes for this new film and I was instantly aboard. It's very different."

Dimension had announced "QUACKERS" as his next film but simply stated "Rabbit Hole is keeping me awake at night. I need to get this out of my head." Quackers will be on hold until late 2014.

RABBIT HOLE will begin crowd funding in February of 2014. When asked for as plot synopsis, we were told "Just wait."

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